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Hey, guys, Elena here! It’s been ages since a blog post + I am ready to get it rolling again. I’m sure by now you have seen we’ve moved + the new Luck of Tuck logo. Today, I am here to tell ya about it!

As most of you know, Luck of Tuck was headquartered in Denver, CO for the last two years. Living in CO was a dream I had on my heart for many years + in the summer of 2018, I made it a reality. My time in CO, though short, was packed full of adventure + trying new things. Tuck + I embarked on many solo excursions of a lifetime through the mountains (hence the logo), that I will cherish forever.

BUUUUT… in typical Elena fashion, last year, I fell in love with someone who lived halfway across the country. We would do multiple visits a month, but finally decided enough was enough: we were ready to live in the same state. With him being established in his city + me being able to do Luck of Tuck wherever, Tuck + I packed our bags, got a U-Haul + said goodbye to the Rocky Mountains.

Where did we end up? Good ole Chicago, Illinois. Yes, Chicago. If you would have asked me a year ago, Chicago would have been the LAST place I would ever see myself living, funny how life works, huh? Now that I am here, I am so happy. I am looking at this chapter as a beautiful adventure + opportunity to grow love, new experiences + expand my horizons. We have our own little home filled with plants, natural sunlight, lots of love + we are only a mile from gorgeous Lake Michigan. Being in the windy city is not a permanent thing for this country-hippie gal, her dog + man + the wonder of what will come next is so exciting. It’s just so dang comforting to know that if I got my boys + Luck of Tuck, I’ll be good anywhere!

So by now, I think you can see why I decided to update the logo to incorporate water. Though we left the mountains (for now), they will forever hold a place in my heart + there was no chance I’d be removing them completely. I feel like the LOT brand is finally at a spot that I am SO proud of + I hope you love it as much as I do!

Cheers to this next wildly exciting chapter + as always, thank you for your support!

-Elena (+Tuck)

  1. Dani
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    Love the new logo!!
    We are so happy for you!!

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